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Hooked Marketing is a leading Vancouver SEO Company, dedicated to helping businesses unleash their true potential by tapping into the power of digital marketing.

Looking To Grow Your Business?

No matter how good your product, services, or website may be, without a robust digital marketing strategy, it won’t achieve its full potential.

As discouraging as it may sound, the good news is that it can be turned around. No matter how late you’re in riding the digital marketing bandwagon, trust Hooked Marketing to catapult your business to new heights of success through data-driven SEO techniques that are sure to drive organic traffic, generate leads, and boost sales.

At Hooked Marketing, we understand how frustrating it can be to put so much time, energy, and resources into building a business but gain no traction in the end.

In today’s competitive digital age, it’s important to focus on being in front of your target audience. And the internet is where your customers are!

Our time-tested and proven SEO techniques accelerate your SEO success by positioning you at the top of search engine results for your focus keywords, enhancing online visibility, creating brand awareness, building brand credibility, boosting your website’s trust score, and helping convert leads into lifelong customers by optimizing user experiences.

With years of experience backing us, we know what works and what doesn’t in the field of SEO. We continually update ourselves with modern SEO techniques and best practices to offer nothing but the best to our clients in Vancouver and beyond.

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Local SEO – Penetrate the Local Market, Outperform Local Competitors

For small and mid-sized businesses with local physical addresses and a limited operational area, being seen by local customers is important. Without local outreach and focused Vancouver SEO efforts to rank higher for ‘near me’ or ‘nearby’ keywords, it would be almost impossible to outperform other local competitors.

At Hooked Marketing, we have been the driving force when it comes to SEO for hundreds of local businesses and mom-and-pop operations. We dig deep to understand your business and its core value to design personalized SEO strategies that not only rank you on top for your primary keywords but ensure the campaign resonates with the target audience.

For many agencies and SEO professionals, local SEO begins and ends with the optimization of Google My Business.

However, it is much more than that, as there are other elements surrounding it, like content, localized social media marketing, on-page optimization, local citations, local link building, local outreach, targeting local keywords, and more, which goes into making local SEO efforts an astounding success.

If you’re looking to tap fully into your local market and dominate it in style, rest assured, Hooked Marketing has got you covered!

No Rankings No Payments

We guarantee first page rankings in 3-4 months and TOP 3 positions in 6-7 months or we work for free until we do.

We came up with this strategy because we saw a lot of small businesses struggling with rankings because of bad SEO companies.

7 out of 10 Calls we get are from people that went to an seo company for a year or more and got no results.

The only reason seo companies tell you it takes 1 -2 years is because they are not really working on your websites SEO and YES that’s the harsh truth.

In fact before we started hooked we went through the same struggle, we spent 40000$ on seo for our automotive business over the course of 2 years and we got no results, literally NO Results.

And that’s exactly what drove us to learn seo and within 5 months of implementing what learned we were able to rank number 2 on google for multiple keywords which got us to a record breaking revenue.

And now we help multiple Vancouver businesses rank on top of google. Our team has also grown to 7 people that are dedicated to get you on top and grow your business.

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SEO Strategy & Optimization

Your job is not done with developing a website. Contrastingly, your work begins once the website is live. Without targeted organic traffic, you won’t get the leads, sales, or revenue you were hoping for. So, how do you get it?

Our Vancouver SEO services are custom-tailored to resonate with your target audience.

We position you for your target keywords in the search engine rankings, optimize your on-page SEO elements to get into the good books of Google, and implement advanced SEO strategies to boost your online visibility, SERPs, lead generation, and traffic.

Growth in graphical statistics and analytical reports doesn’t always mean REAL growth.

For us, delivering tangible results you can see and feel is our priority.

Digital Marketing Services

In the digital era we live in today, you aren’t even marketing if your prime focus isn’t digital marketing. Do you know more than 81% of customers search online before making a purchase?

The real question is – are you in front of your audience? If your website isn’t ranking on top for your top keywords, where do you think all the customers are going?

If you’re not actively and strategically engaged in digital marketing, you’re just giving your competitors leeway to take over you. And trust us – they will!

How We Do Vancouver SEO

Understanding Your Brand

We also call it the discovery phase in-house, where we delve deeper into understanding your business, know your target audience and market, analyze the competition, and decode your brand’s story. It helps us decipher your brand’s DNA to create SEO strategies that seamlessly align with your brand’s aspirations.


Getting the most of your marketing dollars is what we aim to achieve, and it is why we don’t just stop at execution. At Hooked Marketing, we have a dedicated and passionate team of SEO experts working relentlessly to analyze, track, monitor, and refine your campaign, ensuring it’s on the right track.

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Strategic Planning & Implementation

After the discovery phase, we meticulously plan and implement strategies that help pave the way for SEO success while penetrating your niche market for enhanced search engine visibility and rankings. As a leading SEO company in Canada, our primary focus initially is to understand your vision and align our SEO strategies and your budget to maximize ROI


With Hooked Marketing as your trusted SEO Company , you’ll never be left in the dark. We provide our clients with regular, transparent, and easy-to-digest comprehensive reports on all the campaigns we run and their progress. Reporting is crucial for both of us to know we are on the right track. We communicate with our clients regularly to implement any tweaks in our strategy without losing time.

Partner with The Leading Vancouver SEO Company

We have over two decades of experience in the digital marketing space, giving us a solid understanding of the intricacies involved in crafting and executing even the most complex SEO strategies.
Honest & Transparent
At Hooked Marketing, integrity, and honesty are the guiding principles we live by. We don’t beat around the bush and communicate every detail of the project in real time. We don’t hide behind smoke and mirrors and ensure you’re kept in the loop through the project’s progress.
Customized Strategies
Our Vancouver SEO strategies are designed from scratch to match the business, niche, SEO goals, and other variables defined by the client. This ensures all our actions are laser-focused towards the goal of achieving higher traffic, search engine rankings, and niche market domination, translating into a definite boost in revenue for the client.
Thanks to our years of experience in the business, we’ve accumulated resources industry-wide, allowing us to offer you fast and accurate results. From acquiring high-authority links to having access to premium SEO tools, our resources give you a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace.
Beat The Competition With advanced Vancouver SEO Techniques
On Page Seo
OFF Page Seo
Technical Seo
A Full Service Digital Marketing Dream Team
Websites That Sale

With your website playing the role of your brand’s virtual storefront, there cannot be room for errors be it in terms of functionality or aesthetics. Our team of professional website designers at Hooked Marketing have years of experience in the business, ensuring they’re able to fully grasp your vision and ideas to bring them to life. Our process revolves around collaboration, ensuring your vision is at the heart of every creative decision we make. No matter the scale or complexity of the website design project, our team can handle it with ease. As a leading Vancouver SEO Company, we have designed hundreds of websites for businesses over the years to help them achieve their business goals. Your online marketing goals begin with your website, and we understand the intricacies involved. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, leave it to us to shape your online growth trajectory in the right direction. Irrespective of whether you’re looking for an e-commerce website, a lead-generating landing page, a portfolio website, or a content-rich blog, trust our website developers to meet and exceed your expectations.

First Page Rankings

The bitter truth of today’s digital age is that your competition will gain more sales if their website ranks on top while yours is buried deep into Google’s burial ground, which begins right from page 2 itself. If you have a great website but no SEO strategy, you might just give up already on your dreams of achieving any success online. At Hooked Marketing, we have refined our SEO strategy through years of experience and execution, having worked on various websites from various industries. It has given us insights we need to decipher what works and what doesn’t, ensuring better strategy and use of resources. Moreover, it also means cost-effective SEO pricing and more bang for your marketing dollars! Our SEO processes are meant to not only achieve higher rankings but also improve customer experiences. If your website’s visitors are happy with the content and share it with the rest of the world, it’s good news for you. When this cycle continues, there comes a time when Google notices your increased brand awareness, credibility, and trustworthiness, translating into more authority and higher rankings. At Hooked Marketing, our SEO professionals thoroughly consult with you to understand your SEO goals and define a strategy that gets results. From content marketing to link building and technical SEO to running PR and social media campaigns, we do it all for you!

Targeted Google Ads

PPC Marketing If you don’t have time to wait for your organic SEO efforts to mature and need results faster, PPC marketing is the way to go. At Hooked Marketing, we recommend a hybrid approach, where organic SEO efforts run hand-in-hand with PPC campaigns, ensuring faster penetration and domination of the target market. Becoming a recognizable brand in a competitive internet market can take ages, but with our focused, integrated, and aggressive marketing approach, things can move much faster. We have helped hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses across the globe become market leaders through a systematic SEO approach, tapping into the power of organic and PPC marketing simultaneously. Our in-house team of PPC marketers runs full-scale campaigns on your behalf, taking care of everything from ad designs to feeding campaign data and from monitoring campaign progress to tracking ROI. So, if you’re looking for faster results, enhanced traffic, and targeted lead generation, PPC marketing is the way to go!

Business Automation

Introducing our cutting-edge business automation service, designed to streamline your entire business process from marketing to sales and operations. With our innovative technology, we aim to revolutionize the way you do business, saving you time, effort, and resources.